Standards are a reference tool for companies: for the manufacture of their products, as well as for their purchases, organization, customer satisfaction, the development of their commercial contracts, etc.

The BCRC has long been involved in standardization processes.

Our standardization activities are supported by the Federal Public Service Economy, SMEs, Middle Classes, and Energy, as well as by the Bureau de Normalisation.

Our activities in this field are divided into three areas:

  • Conducting pre-standardization studies
  • Managing Belgian standardization commissions as a Sectoral Operator
  • Raising awareness of standards and their use through the Ceramic and Glass Standards Antenna.

CRIBC-CWOBKN is approved as a “Standard Operator” by the Board of Directors of the Belgian Standard Bureau (NBN) dated December 19, 2007, and manages the following five “mirror” standardization commissions:

  • Technical ceramics (E184)
  • Refractories (E187)
  • Glass containers (I063)
  • Ceramic and glass articles in contact with food (I166)
  • Nanotechnologies (I229)

For more information on the Standards Antenna/ Sector Operator (dedicated website).