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The Belgian Ceramic Research Centre is the Belgian research hub for ceramic materials, bringing together the Belgian Ceramic Industry Research Centre (CRIBC), the Interuniversity Institute for Silicate Soils and Materials (INISMa) and the National Silicate Institute (INS).


Research centers accredited at Walloon regional and Belgian federal level, they contribute to the economic development of the ceramics, glass and non-metallic inorganic materials sector.


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Belgian Ceramic Research Centre

Our mission is to

1. Stimulate economic activity:

Stimulate competitiveness, develop agility and ensure the resilience of the economic fabric in the industrial sector of inorganic and non-metallic materials through the perpetuation of knowledge, technological innovation and scientific excellence.

2. Contribute to major societal issues:

Generate and transmit technological and scientific knowledge, with the aim of helping our societies evolve towards and through energy, technological, digital and societal transitions.

To fulfill our mission, we need to act, exist and contribute at local, regional, national, European and international levels.


Our vision

Our values

The Centers are known and recognized by industry, by universities and their peers, by organizations representing the various trades and professions in their areas of expertise, and by the region’s political and administrative authorities.
They are the driving force behind the region’s economic development in their areas of expertise.


Carry out our mission rigorously, impartially and independently, in order to provide a quality service for the benefit of our customers, while guaranteeing them the appropriate degree of confidentiality.

Societal ethics

As a Research player, our aim is to participate ethically and responsibly in the major challenges facing society. This implies a lucid, eco-responsible and equitable commitment at every stage of our activity.

Partnership culture

Our expertise demands a multidisciplinary approach and a high level of collaboration, both internally and externally. This is reflected at interpersonal, local, regional, federal, European and international levels.