The Testing and Analysis Departments (emission measurements, glass, glazing, and components, physical and chemical analyses) and Construction are accredited.

Our certificates comply with the NBN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard and are issued by BELAC.

BELAC no. 032-TEST for INISMa and 091-TEST for CRIBC.
The Environment-Air service is VCA* certified: 2017/6.0 since 2011 for direct management of health, safety, and environmental aspects in the workplace.

Certificate 11 SMS 1929c.

The list of our accredited tests is available upon request.


INISMa and CRIBC are ISO 9001:2015 certified for activities of

  • research and development,
  • studies and analyses, business services,
  • expertise in non-metallic inorganic and composite materials, gaseous effluents, mechanics, and soil pollution.

Certificate BQA_QMS_C_2009353 issued by BQA.

CRIBC and INISMa are approved by the Ministry in charge of research according to the provisions of the decree of the Walloon Region of July 3, 2008, relating to aids and interventions of the Walloon Region for research and technologies and the implementation decrees of September 18, 2008, and following.

As the De Groote Center, CRIBC is approved:

  • At the federal level, and as such, participates in the initiatives of Antenne-Normes and pre-normative studies.
  • At the level of the Flemish Region, according to the decision of the Flemish Government concerning “Regeling van steun aan projecten van collectieve onderzoek en ontwikkeling en collectieve kennisverspreiden – 25/05/2018.


CRIBC is approved as a “Sectoral Standardization Operator” by the Board of Directors of the Bureau de Normalisation (NBN) dated December 19, 2007, and manages the following five “mirror” standardization commissions:

  • Technical ceramics (E184)
  • Refractories (E187)
  • Glass containers (I063)
  • Ceramic and glass articles in contact with food (I166)
  • Nanotechnologies (I229)