Belgian Ceramic Research Centre

Ceramic, refractories, glass, soils and environment

The tests and analysis departments (Emission measurements ; Glass, glazes and components ; Physical and chemical analysis) and the construction department are accredited.

Currently, all the certificates have been obtained under the NBN EN ISO 17025 referential (Genral prescriptions concerning the competences of the calibration and tests laboratories – n° 032-TEST for the INISMa and 091-TEST for the CRIBC) which is delivered by the belgian accreditation organism BELAC (FPS Economy, SME, Self-employed and Energy – Quality and Security General Management – Quality and Innovation Division – Boulevard du Roi Albert II, 16 – 1000 Bruxelles).

Our certificates technical annexes, i.e. the lists of our accredited tests can be consulted on the BELAC website. The INISMa-CRIBC are also ISO 9001 certified for their research and development, studies and analysis, support and appraisals acivities in the field of inorganic and composite materials, including gaseous waste, soils mechanics and pollution.

As a sectoral standardization operator, the CRIBC has the mission to ensure the technical support and the administrative management for the standardization belgian commissions which are listed on our Standardization website.