Lab powder feedstocks

The Powder and Feedstocks Processing Application Lab is a platform primarily dedicated to the shaping of raw materials involved in the production of ceramic materials. Ceramic shaping techniques very often require raw materials to be adapted to the process. This may involve preparing suspensions or pastes on an aqueous or polymer base, at room temperature or at high temperature. These mixtures can then be extruded to form smal bricks, strands, strips, pellets or granules, or can be freeze-dried.


  • Brabender mixer/extruder + conveyor belt + pelletizer (350E mixer, 3 mm cord, 100/0-1.5mm strips, max. temperature 300°C)
  • Bradender mill (knife mill, 0.5 to 1.5 mm)
  • Martin-Christ freeze-dryer
  • SFT-110XW supercritical CO2 extractor-dryer: volume 500 ml, max. temperature 200°C, max. pressure 68.9 MPa, max. flow 24 ml/min.
  • Eirich R05t intensive mixer/granulator: max 40 liters and 65 kg
    Spray-dryer NIRO mobile Minor: bifluid nozzle, injection by peristaltic pump, max capacity 12 kg / day
  • NETZSCH Attritor mill (vertical)
  • 2Z and 11Z WINKWORTH mixer
  • Grinder SWECO M 18
  • Horizontal attritor mill 1.2l
  • Cryogenic chamber



  • B2BONE: Development and multi-scale customization of 3D-printed composite bone substitutes for optimized intra-oral bone regeneration.
  • METEORIT: Development of an anatase TiO2-functionalized glass bead spraying process for the development of new galvanized products.
  • HYPROPAM: Hybrid Production of Pellets-based additive manufacturing parts.