Application Lab – Castable Refractories

The Refractory Castable Application Lab is a laboratory dedicated primarily to the development of refractory concrete formulations and their characterisation in the fresh state: high-energy mixing, flowability testing, measurement of setting time using ultrasonic waves. This laboratory also develops innovative formulations of construction materials using clay products and/or alternative binders, such as geopolymer or alkali-activated binders.


  • HOBART A200 mixer (10 litres)
  • Eirich R02E mixer (5-10 litres)
  • Vibrating table
  • Vicatronic
  • MultiCAD ionic conductivity meter for mortars/ceramic pastes
  • FRESHCON acoustic setting time control (longitudinal ultrasound waves and shear waves)



  • SICAST: Influence of silicon carbide raw materials on the performance of refractory concretes for waste and biomass incineration
  • ANDACAST: Substitute materials for andalusite-based refractory concretes
  • COLCAST: Improving the high-temperature performance of colloidally bonded refractory concretes
  • BEXTRUS: 3D printing of concrete by extrusion
  • GEOSLAGS: Creation of a complete geopolymer value chain integrating by-products from the steel industry in Wallonia (Greenwin cluster project)
  • SECANDA: Possibility of using secondary andalusite as a raw material in refractories