Research Axis Energy and sustainable development

Smarter, more efficient, and environmentally friendly materials and processes The activities carried out at BCRC under the thematic axis of "Energy and Sustainable Development" are part of a comprehensive strategy that includes projects related to the nature of developed materials, their functions, manufacturing processes, and recycling. In addition, actions focusing on direct intervention in soil decontamination or stabilization are also key areas of interest within this thematic axis.


The thematic axis of “Energy and Sustainable Development” is based on:

Resilience and Energy Autonomy: Optimizing the utilization of available energy sources to achieve maximum efficiency.

  • Development of materials for energy production or conversion
  • Development of functional materials dedicated to energy storage and management
  • Elaboration of thermal insulation materials and waste heat management
  • Energy Harvesting strategies
  • Addressing challenges related to hydrogen and CO2 production

And on

Environmental and Resource Preservation:

  • Exploration of alternative materials and less energy-intensive processes, aiming for greater circularity, local sourcing, and reduced criticality.
  • Utilization of smart materials and technologies for improved resource management, including sensors in harsh environments and catalyst supports for enhanced selectivity and efficiency.
  • Implementation of remedial processes for pollution control and treatment of hazardous substances