Research Axis Materials for health

BCRC, a key player in new generations of bone substitutes and osteoarticular and dental implants  


Ceramic materials for healthcare

For several decades, BCRC has been involved in the development and manufacturing of materials for the biomedical sector.

Specifically, the production of bone substitutes and implants from synthetic calcium phosphate powders has gained importance since 2013, the year BCRC became the coordinator of the European COST NEWGEN* Action, which brings together over 160 European institutions involved in the development of biomaterials.

Pillars of the “Materials for Health” Axis

The “MATERIAL FOR HEALTH” thematic axis benefits from BCRC’s expertise in innovative manufacturing and treatment technologies for materials, to exploit them in osteoarticular and dental applications.

This implementation is based on four pillars:

  1. Surface physical treatment to improve cell proliferation and antimicrobial properties (laser texturing, antibacterial layer deposition)
  2. Additive manufacturing for the production of custom-shaped and structured bone substitutes and implants
  3. Development of multicomponent and polymer-ceramic composite bone substitutes and implants
  4. Ceramic implant characterization according to current regulatory requirements