Application Lab – Rheology

The Rheological Characterization Lab is dedicated to the characterization of suspensions, pastes and clays through their stability, physico-chemical and rheological properties. The study of the deformation and flow of materials under the effect of stress or temperature very often provides the information needed in the choice of formulation or process. The control of these properties is essential for adapting the manufacturing techniques envisaged.


  • Viscometers: Planar, planar cone, coaxial cylinders, from 50 to 108 mPa.s from -40°C to 200°C depending on configuration
  • Tensiometer
    • SFT/IFT: 1-2000mN/m
    • Resolution: 0.01mN/m
  • Measurement of zeta potential of charged suspensions (up to 40%vol.) by electroacoustic method (ESA) and of particle size distribution by acoustic attenuation – simultaneous measurement of surface charge ±100 mV and particle size distribution 20/75 nm to 10 µm in aqueous or organic media
  • Contact angle measurement
  • Planetary mixer with double asymmetric rotation (Speedmixer)


  • Infrared balance
  • Measurement of the clays plasticity by Pfeffer Korn method


This application lab is involved at many stages in the production and preparation of pastes, slurries and suspensions used in laboratories such as