Application Lab – Mechanical and Functional Characterization

The Mechanical and Functional Characterization Application Lab is a space designed to study the properties of materials in depth, with the aim of acquiring a detailed understanding of their behaviour and performance. It is equipped with a wide range of specialised equipment for mechanical, elastic, tribological and electrical characterisation. In addition, many of these techniques are adapted to carry out measurements and treatments at high temperatures.


  • Micro- and maro- durometers: Brinell, Knoop and Vickers hardnesses (KIC measurement by indentation method)
  • Brinell, Knoop and Vickers nanoindentation – Nanoscratch and non-contact topography
  • Macro and micro Scratch Tests
  • Tribometer with controlled atmosphere and temperature (from ambient to 1000°C, neutral gas or controlled humidity)
  • Measurement of moduli of elasticity, shear and Poisson’s ratio using the Impulse Excitation Technique (from ambient to 1750°C)
  • Measurement of Seebeck coefficient and electrical conductivity (from ambient to 800/1000°C)
  • Electrochemical measurement unit and electrochemical impedance spectrometry, Potentiostat/Galvanostat/EIS – mobile unit and customisable cells (5 electrodes / ±30mV to ±12 V / ±10nA to ±500 mV / 10 μHz to 7 MHz)
  • Measurements of thermal conductivity, heat capacity and thermal diffusivity using the hot wire method (from ambient to 1400°C)
  • Thermomechanical tests up to 1400°C (compression, 3 and 4 point bending, splitting by Brazilian test)
  • Mechanical tensile and compression tests from -80 to 250°C with video extensometer (max 100 kN)



  • LOCOTED: Recovery of degraded heat in industrial environments using low-cost thermoelectric modules (ERDF 2014-2020 programming)
  • SOLHEATAIR: Development of an integrated renewable solution for the production, storage and recovery of thermal energy at very high temperatures (Call 34 – Mecatech cluster)
  • CHOTHERM: Determining the resistance of refractory materials to thermal shock (Call for pre-normative research 2022)