Application Lab – Advanced Thermal Treatment

The Advanced Treatment Application Lab is a platform dedicated to the debinding and sintering of ceramic and metallic materials. The constantly evolving range of state-of-the-art equipment meets the needs of both industry and academia for heat treatments up to 2400°C.


  • Spark Plasma Sintering SPS-FAST-FLASH (FCT, GmbH)
    • HPD10 (direct heating): max tool diameter: 60 mm / Tmax: 2200°C / Max force: 100 kN
    • H-HPD125 (hybrid heating): max tool diameter: 150 mm / Tmax: 2200°C / max force: 1250 kN
  • Debinding furnace
    • Air, N2, Ar, H2: Tmax 1100°C
    • Primary vacuum: Tmax 750°C
  • Sintering furnace with tungsten heating elements
    • N2, Ar, H2, primary vacuum, secondary vacuum: Tmax 2000°C
  • Sintering furnace with graphite heating elements
    • N2, Ar, primary vacuum: Tmax 2400°C
  • HIP hot isostatic press with platinum heating elements
    • Tmax: 1400°C, Pmax: 2000 bar; Ar, Ar/O2 mixture (up to 15% O2)
  • Flash sintering pilot system (Tmax 1600, AC: 300 V / 50 A, 15 to 1200 Hz)



  • FLASHSINT: Laboratory and pilot-scale validation of FLASH sintering technology (ERDF 2014-2020 programming)
  • CERAMAX: Development of ternary carbide and nitride ceramics (MAX phases) for applications under multiple stress conditions (ERDF 2014-2020 programming)
  • TECH2FAB: From technologies to industrial applications (Interreg FWVl Programme 2014-2020)
  • ALLIHENTROP: Synthesis and application of coatings based on high-entropy alloys (FWVl Interreg Programme 2014-2020)
  • LOCOTED: Recovery of degraded heat in industrial environments using low-cost thermoelectric modules (ERDF programming 2014-2020)