Belgian Ceramic Research Centre

Ceramic, refractories, glass, soils and environment

Topic examples

Materials – From the origin of raw materials to their second life

RESTAR Review and improvement of testing Standarts for Refractory products
PRISTIMAT² Development of more efficient thermal shields and implementation of an engine management
HM+ The smarter aircraft: health Monitoringand predictive Maintenance
SMARTSPRAY Manufacture of low cost electrochrome windows by ultrasonic pyrolyse spray
CEROPT Transparent polycristalline ceramics for optical applications densified by SPS


Processes – From lab scale to pre-industrialisation

OPTIDRY Optimisation and control of the drying of refractory concrete installations
FSW-PME The friction stir welding of materials with high melting point accessible to SME’s
LAMAC Rapid laser machining of green ceramic parts
INNOHU Innovative materials and sensors designed for relative humidity monitoring in harsh operative conditions
Sintering of near net SHAPE ceramic materials and materials from the powder metallurgy by SPS
ECOPOR Environmentally-friendly manufacturing process for ceramic structures of oriented porosity


Environment – Helping to make the environment a healthier, safer place

REFIOM Use of materials for REFIOM (Residues from domestic waste incineration fume purification)
RECYMELT Valorisation of solid residues from fusion or refining ovens
CERAPIDE Industrial validation of an innovative technology for the rapid densification of high added value ceramic and cermets products under pulsed electric field
CARActerization of the CEC (cation exchange capacity) of soils and clay materials: Development of a simple and robust measurement protocol suitable for any type of soils


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