Belgian Ceramic Research Centre

Ceramic, refractories, glass, soils and environment

Technological support

You want:

  • a solution to your technical problems
  • to favour the technological choice that will ensure your competitiveness
  • to validate your innovative technological idea
  • a partner to support you in your technological development/innovation projects
  • to associate qualified consultant or technological resources to carry forward your ambitious development projects
  • to explore new ideas or simply gather scientific and technical information
  • to get advice on how to prepare data sheets or specifications

Our team offers you the more suitable technological support

whether it is:

  • a simple documentary research or a specific technological survey
  • a support in your accession to innovation: technological audit, technological survey and state-of-the-art, generation and selection of creative ideas, intellectual property strategy (in partnership with specialized actors), partnership research…
  • a support in the structuration of R&D project that are eligible for innovation fundings which are often hampered by the difficulty to raise funds and adapted resources. Our agents are able to identify the more suitable funding source according to your needs and to help you to write the project proposition in order to obtain this funding.

More info?

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