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Technological demonstration units


HAINOLASE is a technological demonstration unit dedicated to materials laser treatments. The BCRC focuses its work on the industrial application of soustractive processes (cutting, marking, engraving, machining, exfoliation…) and of additive processes (laser cladding, selective laser melting and sintering, stereolithography…)

HAINOLASE combines exceptional laser equipments laser and the knowledge of a scientific team in order to develop new processes and materials suitable for specific fields using ceramics and ceramic-metal composites :

  • Micromechanics and mechanics : MEMS, anti-wear coatings, watch, turbines…
  • Biomedical : dental prostheses, bone void filler, tracability…
  • Electronics : electroconductive circuits, semiconductors, sensors, interdigited electrodes…
  • Information/decoration : production of parts from CAD concepts, personnalized marking, tracability, counterfeiting…

A complete folder on these techniques and our concrete applications exists.

Do not hesitate to ask for it!


EQUIDER is a technological demonstration unit dedicated to densification by sintering which is to the service of companies for the production of metallic, ceramic and composites parts presenting controlled density and microstructure.

It give you access to the following technologies :

  • HP : Hot Pressing
  • HIP : Hot Isostatic Pressing
  • SPS : Spark Plasma Sintering

SPS, an exceptional equipment in Wallonia !

  • Thermal treatment by Joule effect or hybrid heating with very fast heating rates: up to 400°K/min
  • Production tool for the preparation of large pieces (up to 150mm) or complex shape parts
  • A lab- and pilot-scale development tool for innovative materials (composites, nanostructuréd materials, gradients materials, transparent materials, ultrahigh temperatures…)

Advantages of the SPS technology

  • Very short thermal cycles (~1/2h)
  • Lower sintering temperatures and high heating rates


More info ?

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