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Ceramic, refractories, glass, soils and environment

Services to companies

You are active in the area of inorganic matter/materials production (ceramics, glass, cement and associated raw materials) or users of products derived from them.

Our mission is to support you in your accession to innovation, to technological and market development.

You will find that our staff listen carefully, think creatively and come up with suitable solutions to most problems, while strictly respecting confidentiality.
And even if you think your concerns are outside our spheres of capabilities, don’t hesitate. Whether this is the case or not, we will ensure you benefit from our excellent knowledge of analogous resources (scientific, technological etc) from which you can find out how to tackle each of your technological challenges.


At the walloon level

In particular at the walloon level, this approach is supported in the framework of scientific support projects.
  • MATECDUR – Sustainable technical materials
    Development and/or improvement of high performance techical materials such as : ceramics, rocks and minerals, cement phases, polymers, textiles, paper/carton and flat products.
  • VALOWALL – VALOrisation of industrial waste and improvement of contaminated soils and landfills in WALLonia
    Prevention,development of new processes, improvement of existing processes, matter and/or energetic valorisation, inerting, life cycle assessment.
  • AVATAR – AdVanced Assembling Technologies and Additive manufacturRing
    Innovative production and assembling technologies : through additive manufacturing technologies (SLS/SLM, SLA, EBM, laser cladding, …) or welding (FSW, EBW, ARW, …), or a combination of both.

At the belgian level

This approach is also supported at the belgian level (federal) through standardization.

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