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Funding opportunities

Your company wants to conduct an industrial research in order to acquire new technological knowledge or an experimental development aiming at developping a new product / process?

You are a Walloon SME and you want to use the services of experts in the context of a research at the exploratory stage or at the technical feasibility stage or even at the development stage?

Our agents are able to identify the funding source that suits to best to your innovation process. We describe four of them below, but many other funding arrangements exist, in particular in Wallonia.

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"Chèques Technologiques" (Wallonia)

A large part of technological services can be financed by the "chèques technologiques" which allow companies to pay for technological services carried out by recognised research centres or research centres belonging to a french-speaking belgian college of higher education.

The unit value is of 500 € limited to 40 "chèques technologiques" per year and per company (i.e. maximum 20.000 € per year). The participation of Wallonia is important (75%) whether the participation of the company is of only 25% of the global amount (VAT excluded) of the factured service.

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Technical feasibility (Wallonia)

The technical feasilibity study is a financial mechanism helping walloon SMEs in their innovation processes. It allows to work with recognised collective research centres for the realization of technical services (analysis, measurements, tests…) right before activities related to an industrial research, an experimental development of a new product or process. The rate of funding varies between 40 and 75% of the eligible expenditures (services costs from the external services provider(s) carrying out the study).

KMO – Portefeuille (Flanders)

Flemish SMEs can benefit of up to 15.000€ of subventions per year from the flemish authorities (through an interactive web application) in order to support formation, guidance, exportation or exploration of technologies (see here).

"Crédit d’Impôt Recherche" (France)

The "crédit d’impôt recherche" (CIR) is a generic support measure to research and development (R&D) activities in french companies, without any restrictions in terms of sector or size. Companies whoc initiate fundamental research and experimental development spending can benefit from CIR by deducting them from their taxes under certain conditions. The CIR rate depends on the investment amounts.

The BCRC, through the INISMa ans the CRIBC, is recognised for the CIR for research services.

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