Belgian Ceramic Research Centre

Ceramic, refractories, glass, soils and environment

Fields of expertises
In terms of R&D, the BCRC contributes to the three fields of competences of EMRA:



The BCRC activities mainly concern inorganic materials:
  • Traditional ceramics for the construction field (bricks, tiles,…)
  • Technical and functional ceramics (for biomedical, thermal, mechanical applications…)
  • Nanomaterials, cermets, hard metals…
  • Glass (hollow glass, flat glass, special glass…)
  • Inorganic and hybrid coatings (sol-gel, cladding laser…)
  • Refractory materials (formulation development, protocols elaboration, d’standardised tests…)



The BCRC masters the development and the processing of these materials from the selection to the characterization of the raw materials to the optimization of the final product, including different processes:
  • Shaping of inorganic materials (formulation and conditioning, pressing, pouring, extrusion…)
  • Sintering of inorganic materials especially through the technological demonstration unit EQUIDER
  • Thermal treatments (drying, calcination…)
  • Laser technology (additive and soustractive processes, machining, prototyping…) through the technological demonstration unit HAINOLASE



In this field, the BCRC participates to a lot of projects as a coordinator or as a partner:
  • Development of solid waste recovery processes (slag, sludge dredging, REFIOM, hospital waste…)
  • Energy conversion (thermoelectric materials…)
  • Energy recovery (phase changing materials)
  • Energy efficiency of processes (optimisation, simulation, thermal audit of structures)

The BCRC is also qualified to support companies in their research for funding linked to R&D and to technological transfer.

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