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INISMa-CRIBC invests massively in the development of the technologies of tomorrow !

As recently announced in press releases, the Walloon government issued a list of projects selected under the 2014-2020 EFDR programme. Eleven research projects have been selected out of the twelve that we submitted. In total, almost 11 million euros will be invested in 6 years on advanced topics which are proposed through 6 portfolios.


INISMA-CRIBC will coordinate the IMAWA (Innovative Materials for Wallonia) portfolio, structured into 5 parts:

  • MATSUB : Screening and adaptation of alternative raw materials
  • ECOVAL : "ECO-conception" of units of sustainable energetic VALorisation
  • CERAMAX : Development of carbide and nitride ceramics (MAX phases) for applications in multiple stress conditions
  • FLASHSINT : Validation FLASH SINTering as an ultrafast and low-energy densification technology
  • TAC : Advanced techniques for characterisation

This portfolio, supported by the Mecatech and Greenwin Competition Clusters, will associate/gather UMONS, ULg, CRM, CTP as research partners.

In addition to the coordination of this ambitious initiative, INISMa-CRIBC will also be associated with several projects portfolios as research partner:

  • EMRA-DEMO2FACTORY (coordinator Materia Nova)
      → EMRA-DEMO-CRIBC : Demonstration units of laser technologies (additive, soustractive and hybrid) and of densification by sintering.
  • IAWATHA : InnovAtion in Wallonia with Additives TecHnologies (coordinator : SIRRIS)
      → CERAMPLUS : Research & validation on ceramic additive manufacturing
      → CERAMTOP : Emergent additive technology for ceramic manufacturing
  • Intense4Chem : (coordinator : Certech)
      → FLOW4REACTOR : Development of a technological demonstration plateform dedicated to intensified reactors
  • ECOLISER : Ecobinders for soil treatment, sealing and roads (coordinator : CTP)
  • FMF : MultiFunctional Films (coordinator : UCL)
      LOCOTED : Low Cost ThermoElectric Devices

We gratefully thank all companies and local forces which have contributed to the success of this great initiative.

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