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New projects
You will find below an overview of the projects started in 2016 :


MATSUB : Screening and adaptation of substitute raw materials
The objective of MATSUB is to identify supply chains for substitute raw materials that can be incorporated in the formulation of ceramic and refractory products in order to obtain performances at least equivalent to those of actual products.
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CERAMAX : Development of ternary carbides and nitrides (MAX phases) for applications in multiple solicitations conditions
MAX phases are ternary carbides and nitrides that have attracted an increasing interest during the last years due to their specific characteristics (intermediate properties between those of metals and ceramics). This opens new possibilities for microstructural design in order to follow the requirements of complex solicitations. The objective of CERAMAX is to develop MAX phases with optimized compositions and microstructures for specific applications of interest to walloon manufacturers in different sectors.
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LOCOTED : Low Cost ThermoElectric Devices
Through a sustainable energy use by the valorisation of lost heat, the objective of the LoCoTED project is to develop new efficient thermoelectric films and their integration in low cost generators in oder to convert the degraded thermal energy rejected at the cold source of industrial installations in electricity.
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ECOVAL : "ECO-conception" units for sustainable energy VALorisation
ECOVAL aims to help the actors from the incineration sector in Wallonia through an inventory of practices in walloon incineration units and the optimization of more efficient refractory materials for this sector.
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ECOLISER projects portfolio : Ecobinders for soils treatment, waterproofing and roads (coordinator : CTP)
ECOLISER aims the development of ecobinders from industrial by-products or secondary materials (slag, clinkers, glass fines, fly ash...).
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FLASHSINT : Validation of FLASH sintering as an ultra-rapid and low energy densification technology
FLASHSint aims the validation of the new flash sintering technology at lab and pilot scale.
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TAC : Advanced characterization techniques
TAC aims the creation of an « Advanced Characterization Technologies » platform in order to propose services for materials characterization in real conditions (temperature, severe environment…) to companies targeted by the IMAWA portfolio.
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FLOW4REACTOR : Development of a demonstration technological platform dedicated to intensified reactors
The objective of the Flow4Reactors project is the development of catalytic microstructured reactors for the process intensification.
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EMRA-DEMO2FACTORY : Creation of technological demonstration units
EMRA-DEMO2FACTORY aims to support and revitalize walloon SME's (materials, process and environment sectors) through the establishment of technological demonstration units in EMRA Research Centres and the creation of a welcome structure like "Hall-relais".
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