Belgian Ceramic Research Centre

Ceramic, refractories, glass, soils and environment

Emission measurements

« The environmental expertise at your service »

The Environment-Air department has a large experience in the measurement of the most important atmospheric pollution emissions.

Our missions

  • Measuring campaign of the atmospheric emissions
  • Realization of rapid and reliable atmospheric pollution measurements using a mobile laboratory
  • Information, support and guidance
  • Continued legislation and standardization monitoring in the fields of environment and industrial impact prevention

Emission sampling of different atmospheric substances (according to applied standards)

  • Dust
  • SO2
  • O2, CO, NOx (continuous measurements)
  • Heavy metals (excepted for mercury)
  • HCl, HF, NH3,….
  • Dioxins, furans, PCB,..
  • COT
  • Phtalates…


Approvements and accreditations

  • BELAC accreditation (N°032-TEST according to ISO/IEC 17025).
  • Agreement in the Walloon Region until December 2021


More info?

Contact-us online or by phone at +32 65 40 34 55.
You can also download here our specific folder (in french).