Belgian Ceramic Research Centre

Ceramic, refractories, glass, soils and environment

About us


The Belgian Ceramic Research Centre is a research, tests and analysis laboratory specialised in materials (research and development, analysis, certification, expertises), soils (geotechnics and sampling), and environment (sampling and analysis).

Today it combines the activities of two institutions:
  • The INISMa (INstitut Interuniversitaire des Silicates, Sols et Matériaux) which is a non-profit-making organisation which was founded in 1973 at the initiative of the Faculté Polytechnique de Mons, the Mons-Hainaut University, the Intermunicipal association IDEA, and a group of ceramics manufacturers (INS). The INISMa is involved in materials development and applications, soil survey and classification, and environmental challenges.
  • The CRIBC (Centre de Recherches de l’Industrie Belge de la Céramique) which is a collective research organisation which was created by Decree Law in 1948, under the de Groote’s Law. The CRIBC supports the ceramics industry by carrying out applied research, providing technological guidance and monitoring, and by organising scientific and technical information for the benefit of its members.
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Since 2008, the INISMa, the CRIBC and the INS are members of EMRA (Environment and Materials Research Association). EMRA consists of 6 Research and Test Centres (INISMa, CRIBC, INS, Certech , CTP and Materia Nova ) with additional expertise and capabilities in the field of materials, processing and environment. The Association comes together to supply a higher level of industrial support through a joint development strategy.
Starting in 2008, this initiative was formalized in 2011, with the signing of the charter of mutual commitment by all partners.

More info on the activities of EMRA by following this link.