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Emission measurements

« The environmental expertise at your service »

The Environment-Air department has a large experience in the measurement of the most important atmospheric pollution emissions.

Our missions

  • Measuring campaign of the atmospheric emissions
  • Realization of rapid and reliable atmospheric pollution measurements using a mobile laboratory
  • Information, support and guidance
  • Continued legislation and standardization monitoring in the fields of environment and industrial impact prevention

Emission sampling of different atmospheric substances (according to applied standards)

  • Dust
  • SO2
  • O2, CO, NOx (continuous measurements)
  • Heavy metals (excepted for mercury)
  • HCl, HF, NH3,….
  • Dioxins, furans, PCB,..
  • COT
  • Phtalates…


Approvements and accreditations

  • BELAC accreditation (N°032-TEST according to ISO/IEC 17025 / organism equivalent to COFRAC).
  • Agreement in the Walloon Region until December 2021
  • Agreement in France (see Decree of the 15th December 2016, JORF n°298 of the 23rd December 2016) until December 2017

The INISMa is also agreed by the french Ministry in charge of the classified installations to carry out emission sampling for different substances (list available on request).


More info?

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You can also download here our specific folder (in french).